Wills And Trusts For Protection Of Estate Assets

Have you been putting off creating or updating your will in Utah? Terry Jessop & Bitner in Salt Lake City has more than 30 years’ experience in the practice of law in the state.

Creative — Responsive — Cost-Effective

Our estate planning lawyers are logical choices to guide you through the process of putting an enforceable will and one or more trusts in place. We help clients create and implement simple and complex estate plans. We counsel clients on methods to avoid or minimize estate taxes and protect their assets. We also handle the administration of estates in probate court.

A Will May Facilitate Distribution Of Assets

Some people think a will is a morbid document and can be postponed. More thoughtful people realize that a will is a natural extension of a lifetime’s worth of financial planning. After you have worked so hard to accumulate assets, how do you intend to direct those assets to the next generation? A discussion of this question in light of estate laws can provide the road map you are looking for as you seek to have a say in how your assets will be used after your death.

A Trust Gives Greater Control In Distribution Of Assets

We prepare living trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts, special-needs trusts and asset protection trusts that meet our clients’ individual and unique needs.

An Estate May Include Business Interests

Estate planning is especially important when business interests are involved. We guide our clients through estate planning and help personal representatives settle estates through the probate process.

When you own a business or shares of a business, it may be important to coordinate business succession plans with your personal will. Prevent potential complications for your surviving family members and/or business associates. To ensure that your estate plan and your business plans coincide, contact an attorney at Terry Jessop & Bitner. Our in-depth knowledge of business law can help clarify how you can structure your estate plan to align with your business goals.

Probate Disputes And Litigation — Preventing And Resolving Problems In Estate Administration

Estate administration is not always a straightforward process. Disputes among creditors, beneficiaries, trustees and other parties with interests in an estate can lead to costly, high-stakes litigation. You may face any of a variety of types of probate litigation after the death of a loved one or anyone who may have left you assets. Someone may threaten to bring a lawsuit related to the will, trusts or probate process. Our lawyers can advise you on ways to avoid or respond to legal challenges involving probate or trust administration.

Terry Jessop & Bitner offers small-firm affordability and personalization for clients concerned about wills and estates. For a free consultation to discuss how we can help with your estate planning, living will, probate or probate litigation, contact an attorney at our Salt Lake City law firm today. You may reach us by phone at 385-715-4116.