Banking And Finance Attorneys Knowledgeable About Business Law

The banking and financial industry requires exacting, comprehensive legal services — the type of services Terry Jessop & Bitner provides to banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, title lenders and leasing companies throughout Utah. Our banking and finance clients want cost predictability in their legal services.

We handle transactions, regulatory compliance, collections and repossessions for banks, credit unions, leasing companies and other lenders. We protect creditors’ rights in bankruptcy. We also provide mortgage companies and lenders with advice and representation in mortgage foreclosure actions. With more than 30 years of experience, we are prepared to meet your needs.

Resolving Banking And Finance-Related Legal Matters
Creative — Responsive — Cost-Effective

We know that meeting legal requirements and protection against litigation are important to you. Watching out for your business’s bottom line is essential. We will work with you to devise appropriate fee arrangements. Contact our banking law firm in Salt Lake City to learn about the services we offer, including:

  • Collection matters: When your customers don’t pay, we can work with you to fashion an effective collection strategy, whether you are a bank, leasing company, credit union or individual.
  • Bankruptcy creditors’ rights: If your bank, credit union or company is a creditor in a bankruptcy case, we will protect your interests.
  • Transactions, contracts: A contract that is carefully drawn up and reviewed can prevent problems. Make sure an experienced business lawyer examines all transactions.
  • Mortgage foreclosures: When a property owner defaults on a mortgage, we can help collect the money owed through a loan workout agreement, mortgage foreclosure and other collection methods. If there is a mortgage deficiency after a forced sale of the home, we can seek a judgment against the homeowner who defaulted on the mortgage.
  • Equipment leasing: When leasing equipment — oil rigs, cars, trucks, computer equipment, farm machinery — make sure you have leasing documents that protect your assets.
  • Loan workouts: When the best resolution to a loan default is a loan workout, we can help negotiate and write the contract.
  • Regulatory compliance: In all areas of your banking and finance, credit union or leasing business, make sure you are in full compliance with state and federal regulations. Our law firm can advise you.

Terry Jessop & Bitner offers small-firm affordability with results you would expect from a large law firm. For a free consultation to discuss how we can help your business, contact a Utah business lawyer today. Call 385-715-4116.