Commercial Lease Disputes for Commercial Business properties

Getting a real estate lawyer on your side in the face of dispute may be all it takes to prevent or resolve a problem. Residential and commercial often face problems when tenants:

  • Use property other than as intended
  • Fail to make lease payments on time
  • Challenge or ignore provisions of lease contracts

These are just a few issues that often come up in Utah and elsewhere. Financial issues often lead to legal troubles. Lease termination is necessary in some cases.

Meet The Challenge

Addressing a legal challenge before it becomes a lawsuit is often an ideal way to contain costs while protecting property rights and financial viability. Our real estate law attorneys emphasize prevention over cures whenever possible. Our legal services are as effective as they can be when we are contacted early, before the filing of a lawsuit.

Choose A Reliable, Proven-Effective Law Firm
Creative — Responsive — Cost-Effective

Terry Jessop & Bitner in Salt Lake City has helped many avoid and resolve legal disputes. With more than 30 years of experience in real estate and business law, we are prepared to help you resolve problems in the early stages, saving money while defending your interests.

Our Law Attorneys Are Here For You

At Terry Jessop & Bitner, we can help you negotiate lease agreement terms, confront problem tenants, enforce provisions of leases and carry out evictions. For a free consultation to discuss what we can do for you as a , contact a real estate attorney at our Salt Lake City law firm today. Call 385-715-4116 to learn how we can help.