Noncompete Agreement Legal Counsel For Protection Of Your Business Interests

Creative — Responsive — Cost-Effective

Your company’s business advantage may depend heavily on exclusivity of sales territory, customer lists and established business relationships. Employees — current or past — may do your business great harm by taking such information and using it for their own entrepreneurial ventures or when working for a competitor. A contractual agreement — a noncompete agreement or nonsolicitation agreement — can obligate an employee to refrain from soliciting or doing business with your leads or customers during or after the period of employment with your enterprise.

Know Your Business’s Legal Rights And How To Enforce Nondisclosure Provisions Of Employment Contracts

At Terry Jessop & Bitner in Salt Lake City, we advise our clients on a wide range of workplace policies and procedures that can help prevent employment law violations and litigation. Noncompete agreements are an area of employment law that often presents legal challenges. Employers may avoid problems by consulting with our reputable employment law firm before:

  • Hiring new staff
  • Drafting noncompete agreements
  • Getting signatures from new employees regarding noncompete agreements
  • Confronting employees or former employees who may have violated a noncompete agreement
  • Attempting to enforce a noncompete agreement

Efficient, Effective Representation

At Terry Jessop & Bitner in Salt Lake City, we aim to resolve legal issues for business owners efficiently and cost-effectively. However, we never take shortcuts when it comes to essential clarification of issues and potential remedies. If we counsel and represent your business with regard to noncompete agreements, you can count on explanations in plain English and straightforward solutions.

Concerned About Protecting Proprietary Information? Take Action.

Has an employee or former employee violated terms of a signed noncompete agreement by independently — or on behalf of another business — selling services or products to one of your clients? Whether such an egregious violation of a noncompete agreement occurred during or after the employee’s period of employment with your business, this is a signal to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Nip the problem in the bud as soon as you suspect an employee of violating a signed noncompete agreement. Call 385-715-4116, or contact us by email to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer at our Utah business law firm.