Mortgages And Foreclosure Law Attorneys

At Terry Jessop & Bitner, our creditors’ rights lawyers have more than 30 years of experience handling mortgage and foreclosure matters. We have the skills to effectively represent banks, mortgage companies and other lenders in all aspects of real estate loans from the drafting of the mortgage contract through foreclosure proceedings.

Resolving Real Estate Legal Matters
Creative — Responsive — Cost-Effective

When a property owner defaults on a mortgage, it results in lost revenue for the lender. That is why we work quickly and provide cost-effective solutions to help collect the money that is owed to you from property owners. Contact our law firm in Salt Lake City, Utah, to learn more about our real estate and mortgage-related services:

  • Mortgages: When drafting mortgages, we keep in mind our clients’ potential risk for loss if the property owner cannot repay the loan.
  • Loan restructuring: Sometimes it is in a lender’s best interest to restructure a loan, rather than foreclose. We protect our clients’ interests and ensure that the terms of the new loan agreement are acceptable to our clients.
  • Promissory notes: Our business law attorneys will walk you through the structuring and signing of promissory notes that form the basis of most loan agreements.
  • Automatic stays and foreclosures: Our firm is experienced in collecting money through the foreclosure process. Not only can we conduct the foreclosure sale, but we also seek deficiency judgments from the property owners after the sale, where appropriate. In addition, our creditors’ rights attorneys are experienced in obtaining relief from the automatic stay after a property owner declares bankruptcy, so that the foreclosure process can continue.

Debtor Representation

While we typically represent creditors in mortgage and foreclosure proceedings, we will represent debtors on select occasions. If we cannot represent you, we will refer you to an attorney who can.

Terry Jessop & Bitner offers small-firm affordability for mortgage and foreclosure clients. Try us and experience the benefits of results you would expect from a large law firm. For a free consultation to discuss how we can help your business, contact a Utah business lawyer today. Call 385-715-4116 to learn more.