Construction Law

Utah Construction Contract Attorneys for Individuals and Businesses

Our construction contract attorneys know how complex a residential or commercial development project can be. We have represented Utah construction companies in all aspects of development projects from the beginning (planning and financing), through many of the issues that need to be settled such as employment issues, surveys, and entitlement work.

Resolving Business Legal Matters 
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No matter what size your development project is, our construction contracts law firm can guide you through all the legal aspects:

  • Business formation: If you are forming a business that will oversee the development, make sure you select the business entity that best suits your financing and management plan.
  • Contracts: There are myriad transactions in even a relatively small construction project. Our law firm will work with you on negotiations as well as prepare and review the final contracts.
  • Employment issues: What are your rights and obligations in employment situations? Our attorneys will assure that you are in compliance with state and federal employment law.
  • City, county agreements: Does your project comply with applicable zoning city, county and state ordinances and laws? Does the city or county have a list of requirements that need to be met or negotiated? Talk to a lawyer at Terry Jessop & Bitner.
  • Construction defects: The Utah Supreme Court has observed that no house is built without defects. The same could be said about commercial projects. If you are a builder or developer, we can guide you through any existing claims and help protect you against future claims.
  • Entitlement work: Are water and sewer rights in place for the project? Has the property been surveyed? Does it meet the regulatory requirements of government agencies?
  • Mechanics' liens: Has a mechanic's lien been filed against the property? What are your rights regarding filing or defending a mechanic's lien claim? Talk to our attorneys about your options.

Terry Jessop & Bitner offers small firm affordability with results you would expect from a large law firm. For a free consultation to discuss how we can help your business, contact a Salt Lake City business attorney today.