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Utah Business Formation Attorneys for Companies and Individuals

When starting a business, the business's first legal documents will form a foundation that organizes, finances, and governs your company. The decisions you make now will affect the success of your business and its owners for the life of the business. The Utah business formation attorneys at the Terry Jessop & Bitner law firm can guide you through business start-up.

Resolving Business Legal Matters 
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There are many factors involved in business start-up. It is essential to determine why you are in business, what your business will do, and who will run the business. It is also essential to establish a business entity that meets your particular circumstances. Our business law firm can help.

  • Entity selection: Many new businesses are choosing to be LLCs (limited liability corporations). An LLC offers flexibility in administration and management and protects the assets of the owners. There are other business entity options that may better fit your circumstances — corporations (S or C corporation), partnerships, limited liability partnerships, joint ventures, TIC agreements, and business trusts for example. Contact a business lawyer to learn all the ramifications of entity selection.
  • Reorganization: When a business is reorganized, it is important to establish both the strategy and the legal documentation that will successfully govern the newly organized business.
  • Buying or selling a business: If you are buying or selling a business, make sure you meet all the obligations of the established company. There are a myriad of issues to address. Let us help you through the process. Talk to a business lawyer about your options.
  • Tax issues: Make sure you understand the tax implications of the business entity you select. Our business formation attorneys can guide you through the tax rules involved.
  • Asset protection: It is essential to shield your personal assets from the risks and claims that can arise against your business. We can help you do that.

Terry Jessop & Bitner offers small firm affordability with results you would expect from a large law firm. For a free consultation to discuss how we can help your business, contact a Salt Lake City business attorney today.