Utah Creditor Rights Attorneys

Our business Lawyers recover property from bankrupt debtors, prevent some debts for being discharged and protect creditor’s claims in bankruptcy.

Resolving Business Legal Matters,
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At our Utah business law firm, we represent creditors in bankruptcy actions. Early and effective legal representation can make a difference in your recovery of funds.

  • Terminating the bankruptcy stay: Your creditor's rights lawyer will eliminate the bankruptcy automatic stay so you can complete your foreclosure or repossess vehicles and other property pledged to you but held by the debtor.

  • Avoiding the Discharge: Our law firm helps businesses collect money even inspite of bankruptcy by suing to prevent the bankruptcy from discharging your debt or claim.

  • Objecting to poor treatment: Don't settle for poor treatment from a bankruptcy plan. Our attorneys fight for higher values, greater returns and the payment of more interest for you or your business.

  • Leases: We force debtors to keep lease payments current when they are in bankruptcy or give leased property back when they can't.

  • Claims, abandonments and reaffirmations: Our lawyers protect your business and your business assets by filing claims, recovering property and getting debtors to continue making their payments.

Our objective is to protect your interests by obtaining the highest amount possible in a bankruptcy. Responsiveness and quick action are especially important when creditors' rights are involved. You can count on the bankruptcy attorneys at our Salt Lake City law firm.

Terry Jessop & Bitner offers small firm affordability and responsiveness with results you would expect from a large law firm. For a free consultation to discuss how we can help your business, contact a Utah creditor rights attorney today.